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We're all in marketing and need help to improve. That's the purpose of Marketing Reflections. Each regular issue has five thought-provoking articles you have have missed because you're busy or don't read the source publication.

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Issue 42 | Dec 2012

  1. The final issue

Never learn to do anything: if you don't learn, you'll always find someone else to do it for you.
— Mark Twain


The End

When I started Marketing Reflections in Jul 2009, the world was different. In those days, I was helping advisors get more business. I thought that ongoing, visible generosity was key (and still do). I was already blogging, tweeting and using LinkedIn to show how.

I still couldn't reach all of my audience. Financial institutions didn't understand social media. They often blocked access to sites and feeds.

A newsletter looked like the solution.

Email gets through corporate scrutiny. If not, readers can use personal email addresses. Also, you can add subscribers with their permission but without their action. In contrast, blog readers and Twitter followers must opt in on their own.

The Process

Creating this newsletter takes 2-3 hours a month. That's not a huge commitment but time is time. It's much easier to post updates elsewhere. For instance, LinkedIn now includes photos automatically. Plus, you can comment and share.

With a newsletter, you're stuck with administrative details like changing subscriber email addresses. Time also goes into reviewing what's getting read and responding to readers. The hours add up.

The Shift

When I left the corporate world 36 months ago, this newsletter switched to a hobby. The issues continued but served no business purpose. I haven't been actively seeking new subscribers because my focus shifted from marketing to promoting insurance literacy.


I created this newsletter's template on my own. As you can see, I'm not a designer. The look needs refreshing. Rather than make changes, I've decided to stop Marketing Reflections.


I'm not abandoning you.

Each article you saw here was available on Twitter (@mActuaryoutlinks.gif, @riscariooutlinks.gif, @trustandyououtlinks.gif) or my blogs ([*marketingactuary.com Marketing Actuary]outlinks.gif, Riscario Insideroutlinks.gif). Feel free to subscribe. If your access is blocked at work, you can check from home or your personal mobile device.

The difference is that you'll get more than five articles a month.

The Future

I will continue to create and curate content. I'm not giving up on newsletters either.

Over the years, some of you have said that Marketing Reflections is one of the few newsletters you read regularly. If you'd like to share your parting thoughts, simply reply to this email.

Thanks for reading.

— Promod

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